Thanks! It is now fixed.


Java API Inc? :slight_smile:


Any idea when this update will come out? Is the Java implementation susceptible to the same issue? We’d like to being testing of the arbitrary feed forward control as soon as we can


@Greg_Needel Is the Java API still going to be released by the end of this week?


When we were playing with the motor/controller over PWM last night, the encoder cable came unplugged. Unfortunately, the motor became warm and let out a little smoke.
Fortunately, after getting everything plugged in and reset, we got things running again.

Is there, or could there be a check in the controller for the existence of an encoder and not try to drive the motor without it? If there is no encoder, does the controller assume it’s a brushed motor?

We’re really excited about these motors!


If we needed too, how would we extend the encoder cable?


I imagine that something like this might work.


Hi our team was experimenting with the SPARK MAXs and noticed a sensor failure but when checked on any other MAX the sensor cable worked. The first MAX had new firmware update but others that worked didn’t, is there any reason for this?


@risho900 currently you would need to create your own wiring harness. The User’s Manual has the DigiKey Part number for the JST connection along with a recommend crip tool.

@PhilipMARS1523 can you email with the issue and video/photo of the error/failure? We can debug from there.


Does the SparkMax has to be connected to 12V power supply for updating the firmware? We are trying to update the firmware on the controller (currently v1.0.367), but the procedure always fails after clicking the Load Firmware button and disconnecting + reconnecting the USB cable while holding down the Mode button. We did not connect the SparkMax to PDP, so I am wondering if that is the cause of the failure.


The spark max should be disconnected from 12v power when flashing firmware.


Does anyone know if you can use these motor controllers as a WPIlib SpeedController type?


At least in the C++ API, the CANSparkMax class implements SpeedController. I would expect the Java API to be the same.


Ah I had made a mistake with my c++ pointers. I got it


SPARK MAX Java API is out.

There were also some updates to C++ and LabVIEW.

Thanks everybody for your patience!


Finally! :tada:


This was purely a C++ issue, fixed now.

The code does check for the presence of the hall sensor and should give a Sensor Error fault, as well as stop the motor. Can you send an email to describing the setup and we can help track down what happened.


Will you ever put descriptions for the api?


You may be running into the same issue I hit. Open your device manager after you’ve put the Spark Max into the firmware update mode. There may be a device with an error in there. If that’s the case, you can use drivers from this site to fix the issue.


Links to the Java and C++ API documentation can be found on the SPARK MAX Software Resources page.

LabVIEW documentation is in the help window when you hover over the individual VIs.

If there are things that aren’t quite clear, let us know so that we can try to clarify things as we improve the documentation throughout the season.