REV spark max Periodic status 1 timeout issue

Helo there chief delphi

We are having issues with our intake motor timing out when waiting for periodic status one, it takes about 1 to 4 second to react to the command. We are sending raw motor percent and what ends up happening is it some time reacts instantly and afterwards it takes about 4 second to revert to -1 or follow another command. Our can utilization is under 60%, no other motor on the loop complains, we have changed the motor controller, re flashed firmware, and tested changing the periodic status frame frequency. Non of this worked. The motor is a neo vortex with a spark flex it is the last motor on the loop but we have checked the loop for any wiring issues.

You don’t happen to be using a time of flight sensor from Playing with Fusion?

Nop, it’s just the motor