REV Swerve Drive Java Help

We have been working on a swerve drive as a team this summer to hopefully start the next season with a good grasp on how swerve works, and I am having some issues is the programming. I pulled most of this from REV’s sample code and have installed their latest library. It seems like it just isn’t locating frc.utils.~ It works just fine in their own example, but in my project where I have copied a lot of their example code into it isn’t finding it. Any ideas?

frc.utils is not a package provided by any library, and you dont have it in your project (you have frc.robot.*), which is why it’s not being found. You missed a file from the REV starter project: MAXSwerve-Java-Template/src/main/java/frc/utils at main · REVrobotics/MAXSwerve-Java-Template · GitHub

If you included that file, then you put it in the wrong package and would need to either move it to the correct package or change your imports.

It worked right away! Thank you so much, stupid mistake on my part, I’m still pretty new to programming so I appreciate how helpful the FIRST community is!

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Never feel bad for making a mistake, especially if you are learning.
That “mistake/failure” tought you some VERY IMPORTANT stuff. Remember, a failure is just an opportunity to learn.


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