REV swerve steering modules

When I tighten the motors on the neo 550’s steering module, if it’s too tight, the motor binds, but if it’s too loose, the whole motor bracket moves around while it’s moving and binds anyway.

I couldn’t balance the screw tension properly since the 2 screws that are securing the gearbox to the motor are hidden from the bracket.

Is there a special way to install this properly?

Obvious question but are you using the right length screws? Does the motor itself bind up or is it like a gear mesh thing from the planetary? The latter would justify maybe returning the defective module. Is this all your modules or just one?

You need to take off the turning gearbox and motor and rebuild it. It sounds like you have a either a bearing out of place, or the pinion not seating correctly.

When we assembled ours, one of four modules had something not seated correctly and it made a terrible noise.

Screw length is checked.

Motor doesn’t bind on itself, we checked. Only when it is assembled with the box. Only happening on the modules. I put the same torque number to the rest and this one needs a lot less. I’m thinking the plastic lip on the box is out of tolerance or something preventing from sitting flush, will measure parts next.

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I did this multiple times and same result. Will use my spare to compare, but I’m not liking the box to the motor interface with not having access to the two screws when the box is mounted.