REV through bore encoder trouble

This is my first time using chief Delphi, so I’m not really sure how this works. I need some help regarding the rev through bore encoder. My goal is to get it to return a value to shuffleboard. I’ve done this with an encoder from US digital. I’m running the same code I did with that one. I don’t know if I need to program it differently, but or not. we are using TalonSRX not a spark, we are using the “alternate encoder adapter” from REV to connect to the Talon. When I plug the encoder into the talon it doesn’t return a value, and depending on what talon I plug it into, I don’t know why, the LEDs either: flashes red from right to left, turn off, or, when i drive the motor in the opposite direction, both flash red like its driving backwards. Another thing that happens is as im plugging in the encoder all of the connected talons LEDs turn off for a second.

Here is the code im running, in case that is the issue:

Apparently new users can only addone imaage. here is the rest of my code

I believe that adapter is intended for the Spark Max’s alternate encoder mode for using an encoder while connected to a NEO motor, so the encoder signals would be going to the Talon’s limit switch pins. You’ll probably want a breakout like REV’s or AndyMark/MACH’s in order to connect the encoder to the right pins.

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Thank you, i will see about getting those ordered.

We are using these encoders with Talon SRX’s and we use CTR’s digital breakout. I can’t speak to the ones @bobbysq posted, but I know this one works:

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