REV Through Bore Encoder with Talon SRX

Based on my interpretation of the Phoenix documentation, the Through Bore Encoder absolute pulse should work:

  • Pulse Width Decoder
    • Mentions the decoder is “<1us accurate” which should be compatible with the 1us resolution of the Through Bore Encoder, which is also the same pulse resolution as the SRX Mag Encoder.
    • Mentions the “maximum time between edges is 120 ms.” The Through Bore maximum period is 1024us (1.024ms).
  • Confirm Sensor Resolution/Velocity
    • This section implies that “Any pulse width encoded position” will work as long as the resolution is configured properly. 1024 for the Through Bore vs 4096 for the Mag Encoder.

It is recommended in the documentation that you check the Self-Test Snapshot to confirm that the Talon is interpreting the correct period of the connected sensor. I see a screen shot of position data from @Cecil but was the period checked using the Self-Test Snapshot?

You’ll need to try and get in contact with @ozrien or @Jacob_C to understand if it is a configuration problem or something else. Try emailing them at

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