Rev Through Bore Encoder

Just noticed this product at Rev’s website…


Out of stock. Hoping the re-stock soon, on the list.

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I’m pretty stoked for this. This is a big hole in the FRC COTS sensor market and should enable a lot more teams to integrate reliable encoders.


It’s a new product, it’s never been in stock yet :slight_smile: The website says it should be available soon - I saw them a month or so ago and put them on my list to look into later this fall.

Might even just be on a boat–they were showing this off in Houston in their booth, so the product has been pretty ready.

I hope someone will crank out either a Talon SRX-friendly one, or an adapter board/cable for this one. Which is no statement about REV’s choices, and completely a statement about the inertia of wiring sensors on my team.

I’ll be interested to see how/if this works with a Spark Max in brushless mode as it appears to use the same connector as the built in NEO motor encoder. We’d really like to combine the power of a NEO with the precision this encoder should offer. Hopefully this will be able to be plugged into the port currently allocated for limit switches (the one with the same connector as the SRX).

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I agree. With the tens of thousands of Talon SRX’s and other products utilizing the gadgeteer port / plug in, a cheap converter would be fantastic. You could always cut off one end of the JST and wire it to CTRE quad encoder breakout. But I’d prefer not to. This product does meet a need.

Will the mounting holes match up to a vex bearing block?

The one I observed in Houston had a 2" bolt circle. We’re not as steeped in the VEXpro universe (yeah, still biased), but I know that bolt circle is used by:

  • CIM-class motors
  • VEXpro VersaPlanetary
  • AndyMark 57/Two-Motor Sport (which is what really has me geeked about them).

Eh, from the step file it looks like the distance between the centers of the mounting slots is 50.8 - 45.79mm. This will mate with the 47.63 bolt circle on the versa block V2 (I didn’t check the other versa blocks).

That means this is an easy-add to any drivetrain using those blocks. Nice. No more worrying about encoder inclusion on transmissions.

Supporting external encoders is at the top of the software backlog.


This will make integrating encoders so much easier, and I think we will start to see teams implement encoders into more of their designs due to this.

In stock

Already have some on order for us to play with :slight_smile:

Reminder for everyone looking to get one… there’s a $50 PDV on the FIRST voucher page! You just need one of the two lead mentors to access it through the portal.

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Anyone know the mass of one of these sensors? Not listed anywhere on the website and would like to update mass properties of the CAD model.

Would like mass values of the sensor (excluding external wires) for each of the bore option (1/2" hex, 3/8" hex, etc).

I haven’t seen any tutorial on how to use these, but I am assuming you would either use an encoder breakout board for the talon or a canifier if the motor is brushless. Is this correct?

Have a video that should go up soon showing some of the applications. There is information in the datasheet on what the cabling and inserts are intended for use with.

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Product page is updated with the mass of the sensor.

  • 1/2" Hex (default): 23.0 g
  • 3/8" Hex: 23.5 g
  • 5mm Hex: 24.0 g
  • 1/4" Round: 24.0 g

1745 got a chance to use a beta version of these for our summer and off season.
they are by far my favorite encoders Ive used.
very easy to install (we just doped them in with out much for-thought and they just mounted) and quick to work with the existing code.

I’m excited to use these for real this season.

Does anyone have any feedback from using these encoders first hand? I am pretty interested in them for this upcoming season!

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Can someone point me to what the max rpm these things can handle is?