Revamped Website from Team 1710


Give our new team website a look-see if you’ve got a second.

Tell us what you think!


Very clean and well organized. Nice in-line video clips.
Good job!


Really awesome design, clean, great colors and imagery. I really like how you used different colors on the You Go Girl and Goof Proof Safety pages, adds a little bit of variety which is nice. I also like the in-line video and image on the front page.

There’s a broken link on the front page under Core Values where it says click here to learn more.

Also, I think it’d be really cool if you could click each Core Value icon on the front page to go to that value’s page.

For the news articles you might want to put the posts in a category so “Uncategorized” isn’t shown. For example, it could be changed to say “February 28, 2015/in Team News /by Dylan Herrig” instead.

Anyways, great job on the website! Have fun filling it up with content for years to come!


Thanks for your insight! We will get it in the days to come.