Reverse Robotics !!!!!!!!!!

Got an idea. How about a competition this summer with the roles of mentors and students reversed. The mentors will drive and be human players and the students will coach and do all repairs. This would give the student coach a chance to yell and scream directions at us, and we would have to listen with no arguments to the student. Mentors would not be allowed to do repairs, only give input. What you all think, I think that would be pretty fun. Maybe just one match each team after a real event or something. :ahh:

You mean your students don’t repair the robot? :smiley:

I will say that putting some of our more uppity mentors behind the wheel for a few tense matches might give them an appreciation of how difficult and stressful driving really is.

Role reversal, great idea!

Does this mean that the mentors get to connive ways to sneak out of their hotel rooms in the middle of the night without the students catching us? And that the students actually have to know the deadlines of the projects that are due? And that they will e-mail all the mentors and their families on a regular basis so that details are communicated, and we, as mentors can choose not to bother to read those e-mails? And the students will make all the travel arrangements and call the hotels and bus companies and restaurants, all while trying to not get caught since the calls have to be made during normal working hours? And that they’ll make sure the bills are paid and the school boards are satisfied and the t-shirts are ordered and that hair dye in the team colors is brought to competitions, and make us all goodie bags for our rooms, too? And provide the mentors with tattoos and customized disposable cameras… and solicit area business for food for the tailgating party and not only work at it, but clean up after it so the mentors can go inside and be interviewed for the morning news???

This sounds like fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

1257 must really be all mixed up, seems to me like we’ve got students coaching drive teams, doing the majority of repairs, managing nearly all financial matters, soliciting sponsors, and preparing all non essential items for the competition like t shirts and hair dye and such. Well then i guess our team should be following this thread, 'cept our mentors don’t have to spend all day in school…

LOL, I work at a college, our Programming mentor is a professor, our Team Leader is a high school teacher and two other mentors also teach. So we ARE spending all day in school! :yikes:

Actually I love that idea… We do it every year at one of our offseason competitions… Either meyhem on the merrimack, tyngsboro, battlecry or river rage… i forget which one but we do it every year… It is soooo funny… Its only for one match though and I think it should be for more…

I’m a student and if I switched I wouldn’t have a darned thing to do.

When I saw the title of this thread, I thought “what, you get six weeks to take apart a robot or something??”

But I like your idea a lot better. :stuck_out_tongue:

i dunno. If we let our mentors get anywhere near those joysticks there would be pieces of our robot all over the field.

oh how true it is… It might look like battle bots then…

Put a joystick in my hand again, with a robot on the other end, and I will definitely… heh, nvm :).

…kill someone??? hahaha It would be scarey to see any mentor with a robot…

are you sure about that? for some reason i remember a certain (now) mentor winning the 2002 championship…

Meh that is true… I did forget that he use to be a driver… But now he is considered old… So he probably would go on a reckless abandon… hehehe

Some of the reply’s are great, your right…us mentors probably would end up destroying the robot. Then we could just blame it on the coach. :slight_smile:

Seriously, this is the FIRST robotics competition- for high school students. it’s kinda sad how this thread is supposed to have students- in a reverse role- ‘fix’ the robot. I mean, why must teams be high-school sponsored if kids don’t fix the robot? Next year there’s gonna be a team consisting of my dad and his drinking buddies, yeah.

I don’t mean to offend or insult anyone… and this is entirely my own opinion… so please dont take anything against 341 because of what I said.

Ohhh just wait my friend… just wait.

I’ve got something in store for YOU next year. :wink:


I am against the role reversal idea. I find it hard to make up as many excuses as I hear for not showing up or being late or not finishing a job or stopping what I was doing because I took so long I forgot what I was doing or …

Besides I would get bored sitting and gossiping instead of working. I like to keep busy but not by trying not to do work. I enjoy seeing things accomplished but would they ever get done.

I love being a mentor, PLEASE no role reversals !!! PLEASE !!!

Role reversal sounds great!!! I would LOVE to see some of our mentors doing the role of working the pit [our students do repairs not the mentors, tho they do help sometimes] and driving… Wherley did seem to want to try out being our human player… lol I think it could be great and also a learning experience for both students and mentors [that whole walk a mile in their shoes thing]. As for the whole slacking and making excuses, our mentors could easily do that… I mean come on… we’ve got Dave. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: