Revised version of rules (help please)

hey guys when the First kickoff kicked off (ehhh that dosen’t sound right =)
we printed the entire manual

now I know this was 12 days ago, but what are the changes in the REVISED
versions? is it worth printing the revised parts again?
or can you point out what the changes are?

I tried the search and didn’t come up with much
maybe I overlooked something, oh well…
any help would be appreciated =)

Try Joe Ross pointed out this program to me, and it is pretty cool.
Also, most of the significant rules changes are included in the updates.


That program WOULD help me out if we had the old files but I don’t.
if you have the old files I’d be thrilled if you sent it to me
[email protected]
or upload them here, or somewhere else, even better

It is wise to check the First site often for revisions and updates. The First people will incorporate Team Updates into the new revisions. Frequently, a Q&A question will prompt a team update and therefore a revision, but very few of the Q&A will require a change. Read everything often. Watch for answers in the Q&A and updates at least once a week. Keep up this practice throughout the season as changes occur during regionals (after ship) and may even occur right up to the Chamionship.
I don’t recommend the compare feature since it is easier to download the latest revisions.

on real engineering projects the requirements are often changed or altered after a project starts. Keeping track of the requirements (rules) is the job of a systems engineer.

Every team should have at least one person who is able to grasp all the rules that apply to the robot and the game, and who is responsible for keeping up with the updates throughout the build period, and advising the team when a change has occurrred that affects their design or strategy.

One person can do it. Its very hard for every person on your team to keep track of all the rules.

wasnt there a big flaw in the game last year? i think there was which caused a couple of massive updates if i remeber correctly

Not really. Moreso that everyone read/interpreted the rules wrong.

I think first off those two statements contradict themselves unless… you just printed the files and never saved them in the first place. (Shame on you). :ahh:

Anyways, now your best bet is to just start over fresh and forget about the old files, and just print the new stuff.

It will make your worries go away much faster than what you are attempting now.

ALL changes to the manual were taken from the Team Updates. The updates are posted generally on Tuesdays and Fridays, and it is highly recommended that you check for them regularly.

You can get the original versions from here: or one of the other download mirrors listed here:

yay =) thanks a lot to all off you
and thank ahecht for the team-update link (and ross for the link for original)