Revising Calls Based on Video Evidence

Hi all,
I am the vice captain of scouting for team 395 in New York. As a freshman, I have a question about reviewing calls. In our 2nd quarters match as 8th alliance, with 1 win under our belts, we “lost” the match. This happened because our first crossing of the Cheval de Frise was not recorded so we didn’t get breach points, which would of gotten us up above the other alliance. After the match, given that it was a pretty simple call to make with the video they took of it, we went to talk to a ref about getting the call fixed. They refused unconditionally. I get that this is a policy for the NYC regional. What I want to know is:

  1. What is the general consensus on video review?
  2. And, what does CD think about it?

Thread exists

Already a thread on your match and this topic

Thanks for the link, thats one of my mentors :slight_smile: