Reviving our 2011 Robot

We are putting our 2011 robot back together as a project, and I am having a few problems. The crio is formated to the 2012 image while I deployed the 2011 code that is using the old Labview librarys to reference thier vi’s. (The only thing hooked up electricaly is the full setup to auto run the compressor). So I get Com, and Robot Code but the Volts say 0.00. I enable the robot and nothing happens, the relay light that the compressor is plugged into has no value. My question is if the relation between the 2012 image and 2011 code is causing this or what else going on.

ps. I built the 2011 code on the 2012 Labview.


I’m not software so I may be wrong here, but first see the table on p12 of this:

In 2011 you would have used the slot number, 2012 you would use the number of that module (i.e.DSC1 or DSC2) If this hasn’t been changed then your code would be trying to address a fourth DSC, which doesn’t exist.

Can you describe how you opened your code using the old libraries with the new LabVIEW version? Unless you did something special, when you opened the code in the 2012 version of LabVIEW, it would link to the 2012 libraries.

If that’s the case, then you will have to update the compressor code, as you now have to call the compressor loop in the periodic tasks. You will also need to move the modules in the cRIO to the 2012 locations.

Your code will definitely not work with the 2012 image if you managed to link to the 2011 libraries, and I would expect lots of runtime errors in the diagnostics window of the driver station.

I don’t think the image is the problem. I upgraded the image on our 2011 a few weeks ago to take off the camera since we’re using it on the 2012 robot.

One of the problems we did have was that the 2012 image has set the what modules should be plugged in to what. It’s either the analog is plugged in to 1 and the digital is plugged in to 2, or the other away around. It will say so on the imaging tool. I think this may be your problem since you’re not getting a voltage and your relays aren’t showing any values.

Hope this helps.