Revlib Not working

I recently installed the revlib for VS code and it gave me errors so I followed a different thread and cleaned my java workspace. That broke the Build.Gradle file. Any solutions?

I’d love if you could elaborate on your problem.
Which errors exactly? What exactly do you mean by “broke the Build.Gradle file”? What did you do to clean up you Java workspace?

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I had a similar problem not 5 minutes ago when installing REVlib. I found that it was because the REV website for some reason still gives you the link for online installation of the 2023 REVlib, not 2024. Here’s the link to 2024 if you have 2023 installed:

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Can also get the up to date version from WPILib Docs. 3rd Party Libraries — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

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are you sure you have the right version? The REV website still links you to the 2023 (old) version. You should uninstall the library, and perform an online install with this link

I’m sure Rev would appreciate knowing where you guys found old links. I couldn’t find it after a few minutes of searching around.


If you go to:

The website only mentions the 2023 version:

and if you scroll down a bit (just skipping past the LabVIEW guide):

If you copy that link they give you, and change the number to 2024, it will give you the correct library version

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I’m surprised you were unable to find it as REVLib Information | SPARK MAX (which contains links to 2023 revlib) is the first result when I search “revlib”