You heard me-

Team 25 Raider Robotix is offering one of our official trophy TIKIS (sans base) to the first programmer of a FIRST team that manages to autonomously find and place a vision tetra on the center goal.

You heard it- you cap it- you prove it- you got it. I’ll mail it. Of course this must be in an official FIRST round in an official FIRST event and be recognized as such by having the field referees award the two corner goal tetras as a result.

Don’t even talk to me until you actually do it. Close isn’t good enough.

I say it can’t be done-- Nyeah nyeah!!! :wink:



(BTW- this is NOT a cheap way to clean out our storeroom closet)


That trophy is SOO ours!

I dont know, maybe Mike from 237 has something to say about this??

Bring it on…

ooooo… this is interesting…

lets see if someone steps up to the challenge during this week’s competitions. =)

bonus point if you have it on video!

Meh, we could do it right now if we had a competition… the thing is that other teams that have competitions sooner then us will be able to do it before us. Maybe a second judging criteria? Like, if you cap at your next competition your entered into a pool. Then the winner is chosen by the fastest cap, cleanest cap, or maybe who had the most percentage of caps to matches.

EDIT: I just got back from a really tiring lacrosse practice, so this may have not made much sense.

But you already had one to practice…

Please define the “cleanest cap”

Tom: Good point… i’m not sure what could solve that… but it still falls under the “If we had a competition earlier we could’ve done it” problem
Stephen: I honestly don’t know what I meant when I wrote that about… a minute and twenty seconds ago. Maybe like, the less jerkiness of the bot?

**Additional Reward:

1 Box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts to the programmers of each of the first four teams to cap a vision tetra on the center goal in autonomous at Nationals.**

If you think you are going to be in the running in Atlanta, send me a PM or an e-mail before the competition so I can be sure to witness the feat.


Since I like being cocky… mark me down for one :wink:

Make sure you watch Florida regional webcast this weekend. That award would be a nice addition :slight_smile:

Well i offer a solution, all teams that already were at a competition are ineligable. You must do this at your first competition, unless nobody can do it than it carries over to the next round.

I’d say that is defined by placing the tetra on a Goal, with out having to tap it so that its one completely. But if this is used, it should be a tie breaker only. I do like the idea of the fastest cap wins. And another tiebreaker would be like Mike said, highest percentage of autonomous vision caps to matches.

Proposed Rules

  1. Winner has fastest autonoumous cap at their first competition.
  2. First Tie breaker- Highest percentage of autonomous vision caps to matches
  3. Second Tie Breaker-Cleanest placement of tetra (see above for definition)

oh and great thing about this set of rules is, you can give them the award directly at the Championship, save on shipping. :smiley:

Meh, that makes me ineligible, but its fair.

Whoa! That’s sounds like some competition! Visit my BitTorrent tracker at and download the 20050222 Tetras.torrent. That’d be our Ty-Rap V capping the center in the wee hours of the morning of ship day.

Sounds like there’ll be TWO robots to watch for at the Central Florida Regionals. Oh, by the way, this is our FIRST regionals.

Lynn (D) - Team Voltage 386 - Just down the coast from ComBBAT

PS. BitTorrent clients can be found at or (windows).

And what if nobody capped at our first competition? But we were by far the closest.

I dont think its entirely fair to keep 237 from this “competition”…

The competition was created after the first week. Thusly, the first week should not be considered for eligibility. (Wow I think that qualifies for the weakest arguement ever)

And if you don’t buy that, at least give 237 a case of Bawls or something for being the closest of anyone at any regional of week 1 (to my knowledge)

Alright, add 1493 to the list. We have done it in our shop, though we have a much smaller field… like 15’ X 15’. I am hoping that our code stands up to the larger field, but I feel that there should be an extra award for the lowest numbered team that accomplishes the feat.

Good luck to everyone, if we don’t manage to do it, i really hope someone else does.

Does it have to be the center goal? Can we cap one of the side goals. Does a practice match count as a real FIRST match? You might as well have said, 1403 show us your autonomous and we shall all praise you… we accept your challenge. I guarentee you that we will cap it, but i am not sure if it will be the center goal. Their is no need to mail that trophy, just bring it to nj with you…

GO 1403!!!

Yea, this makes it way more interesting!

Good luck and one point for trying

The original offer stands- first to cap per above gets a TIKI like the ones we use as BE trophies.

No discussion-- wasn’t that clear?

I hear lots of talk- but can the bots walk the walk?

Close ain’t good enough. If you have a late regional- well better pray nobody beats you to it. Probably not an issue because it can’t be done.

How about if all you guys who claim to be able to do it send MY TEAM the donuts if at the end of the Nationals the bet still stands? Big Mike and I sure like those Krispy Kremes…



As for Aroon- I’ll bring the TIKI to you personally if you do it. Of course you need to be able to actually reach the center goal – slap! he he

and for the 237 guys- you can beat out Aroon’s team at NJ by doing it first. If you can…

Remember- an official match, center goal in autonomous as stated above.