RGB LED strips on our Robot

At this point in the season, our team is ready to start making our robot look good. I recently found this kit: http://www.amazon.com/LEDwholesalers-Controller-2034RGB-3315-3215/dp/B0040FJ27S/ref=pd_bxgy_hi_text_y

Now, the main problem I have with this is that it is obviously a complete ruler breaker: We cannot control anything via IR. Does anyone has any ideas to remove this or simply set a color on an RGB strip? or, if you have a better idea for underglow/ perimeter lights, please post it here. Thanks.

Our team purchased the same thing. They seem to “remember” the last setting they were on. So…theoretically, you could set them to what you want then remove the IR receiver.

Are you saying that they “remember” in between power off times? Because that would work perfectly…

Another solution would be to wire in the red and blue wires to an in-line manual switch.

We used basically these exact LED’s last year. Our solution was to just cut off the ir receiver and put a female pwm connector on one side that was cut off and a male connector on the other so we could re-attach the ir sensor if needed. This would allow you to still be able to change the light color/pattern between matches or change other settings. You could use any kind of connector really but we decided to just use pwm’s because they are easy to use and we had a bunch of extras. And yes it does remember the last pattern that was selected.

Our robot last year

This is actually what I will be working on this weekend. I can give you more information on how to make everything work if you want or take pictures of my finished work on sunday or monday.

Dioder led lights from Ikea work AMAZING.


I’ll try and upload a video tomorrow of the lights. Nothing I currently have does them justice.