Rhode Island Teams!

I will be starting college in September and I am highly considering a college in Rhode Island. I would want to mentor an FRC team in college. The college I am looking at is NEIT (New England Tech).

What FRC teams are in the Warwick or East Greenwich area that is looking for mentors?

I would also be willing to drive to a nearby team if there isn’t a team within that area.

Hailey, we are always looking for new mentors on 78! We are about a half hour away from New England Tech. We are a community team working out of our main sponsors facility in Middletown. We typically have a team of 25 - 35 students from multiple schools. This season we have 25 students from 13 schools. I see from your title that you are a “Scouting Maniac” - we take it seriously on our team too!

Some links:

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