Ri3D 2019 TCA Reviews

Hello Teams,

Check out these reviews of the 2019 FIRST Deep Space Ri3D robots by some of the best and brightest minds in FIRST.

There are 7 Ri3D teams being reviewed this year:

  1. Big Orange Robotics
  2. FIRST Capital
  3. GreenHorns
  4. 'Snow Problem
  5. Team Ri3D
  6. University of Waterloo
  7. WE MARS.

The design and strategy reviews are done by Karthik Kanagasabapathy of FRC 1114 Simbotics and Mason Markee of FRC 118 Robonauts. Each review includes time-stamped links to youtube highlights, making it easy to summarized information on what these Ri3D teams accomplished.

Many thanks to all the Ri3D teams that created these resources for the FRC community!