[Ri3D] GreenHorns 2019 + Strategy White Paper

This paper describes The GreenHorns’ strategic analysis for 2019

The GreenHorns have put together this strategic White Paper that can serve as your guide to looking at and analyzing this years game. We’re also including our progress throughout these three days so stay tuned!

Greenhorns Strategy White Paper 2019.docx (22.2 KB)

If you have any questions that aren’t covered in the paper or in our progress updates posted below please ask them!

We’re here with another update on the progress of our manipulators. We’ll talk about our hatch “hook” manipulator, cargo intake mechanism, lift system, and a slight insight into our climbing design at the end. Please find the pictures attached to this post for a visual representation of what we’ll be talking about.

Firstly, we’ll be talking about our hatch “hook” manipulator. We will be using a rack and pinion mechanism with a slider rail to extend the hook outward from the robot to reach the hatches and to stick them to the rocket. Keeping defense in mind, we’ll travel with the hook retracted to avoid our hatches being knocked off onto the floor. The hatch should not be able to wiggle around when in our possession due to the rigidity of the channel holding the hatch. This hook will be mounted to the lift in order to stick the hatches to the higher levels of the rocket. Take a look at the prototype in the pictures section of this post.

Next, we have the cargo intake mechanism that actively draws the ball into the robot’s hold using wheels on a hex shaft above the cargo. Also mounted to the robot’s lift system, this intake is designed to place cargo into the upper stages of the rocket in addition to the lower scoring zones. This design is similar to intake designs from 2014 and 2016 that were used to draw in the spherical game pieces from those games. Take a look at our pictures we have attached and look at intake designs from 2012, 2014, and 2016 to get more ideas on how to interact with spherical game pieces.

Our lift system is a modified REV 1" Linear Motion kit that will serve as a two stage elevator system. We recommend buying the REV 1" Extrusion Double Stage Lift Kit (when in stock) if you choose to aim for the higher stages of the rocket in this game. Big shout out to REV Robotics by the way since they were generous enough to sponsor us this year with their linear motion kit and quite a few other items. As mentioned, our intake and hook will be mounted to this lift system to reach the highest levels of rocket.

Finally, this year we’re aiming to conquer the highest level of the HAB using a design that is a bit similar to Wildstang’s drivetrain in 2004: https://youtu.be/5MgdGtwQQIo . Our idea is a bit like this, except not. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel for real field experience with climbing the HAB once we advance further in our HAB climbing design.

Please let us know if you have any questions on our designs and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Also, feel free to visit our AMA session here on Chief Delphi for any other questions you might have.

Thank you all for your time, we’re excited to show you more about our robot as we get closer to a final product!

The paper was a great read! Definitely a good summary of the game with some good bits of strategic information. Would it be possible for you to screenshot your chart of robot types and post it to the thread as a picture? I think that chart would be useful and deserves more exposure!

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I like that Rack and Pinion. Can you tell us the source and part number?

The gear is a Martin S1212 external spur gear with a 14-1/2 degree pressure angle, although I couldn’t find the rack information. Hope that helps!

With the Greenhorns working out of our shop, I believe these are from 4818’s 2015 robot, which would be 5170T4 for the rack and 6325K22 for the pinion from McMaster.

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We have a new video out. We talk about and demonstrate our various mechanisms and go over electrical systems and the importance of cable management and overall neatness.