[Ri3D] GreenHorns Ri3D Cargo Ball was popped by a 1/16'' of a nail sticking out

Greenhorns 2019 Ri3D team

Teams! Yesterday, our cargo ball was slashed on the end of a screw sticking out 1/16 of an inch and deflated, unable to be repaired (We have a replacement from a team thankfully!!). The screw was not even on our current robot, but on equipment on the side of our practice field. Please know that these elements can and will pop.

Remember to clean up metal edges and any cable ties. File, file, file!

The ball has a coating on it that makes all the adhesive tapes and patches we tried unwilling, or unable to stick to the ball. Things that we didn’t attempt but were worth thinking about were using liquid rubber/rubber cement and heavy duty tire repair patches (not 1" diameter inner tube patches)

Unsuccessful things we tried to do to repair the ball:

Duct tape
Gaffer tape
Inner tube repair patches
Scoring around the ball and then attempting the tapes and patches

(we do not suggest for you to try these options below. They warped the ball and at that point the ball was past the point of no return)

Burning the rubber around the hole to get rid of the coating and then trying the tapes/patches
Scoring the burned parts
melting the patches over the hole
Duct taping over the air holes escaping from the melted inner tube repair patches

Make sure to hop over to our other post for our strategic white paper and updates about our bot! Also check out our youtube channel, GreenHorns Robotics, where we go through different scenarios with field elements, talk about strategies within the game, and walk through our prototypes for our manipulators.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! That’s what Ri3D is about!