[Ri3d] Robot in 1 Weekend, a FTC Build Challenge

We are excited to announce that the Robot in 3 days team will be taking on a new challenge in a few weeks, attempting to build a FTC robot in 1 weekend. Starting right after the game unveil we will work until Sunday night to try and complete a FTC robot. Tune in to watch it all happen!

Official Announcement video:

You guys should do this with a twist, seeing how well you all did with RI3D in FRC.

FTC in one weekend blindfolded, anyone? :smiley:

This is going to be so exciting! I can’t wait! I know our FTC/FRC Alumni are planning on doing something similar.

I know you all use a different control system on you Ri3d robot (at least the original one) are you planning on a fully legal FTC bot?

I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

I also hope they build a mostly FTC legal robot (the motors and the size and material constraints)

Also If you need any remote assistance I would love to help

Excited to see the outcome of this!

I’m excited to see how this turns out. A group of FTC Mentors/old memebers from our team wanted to try an do this with the FTC side this year, but the plans just fell through, as we had to plan how to run two classes this year. Maybe next year!


I’m sure everyone remembers the 1600 sq ft shedhandbuilt by the IR3 team which Ri3d 1.0’s 2014 FRC robot was built.

Well get ready to be super impressed with Ri1W’s super-amazing stronghold of awesome. The space… is named The Bohn Zone. (Bohn is pronounced like “bone” in german)

Is there a stream? If so, I can’t seem to find it.

We are having some technical difficulties with it at the moment, but we are recording what we are doing. We’ll have video up after we do our strategy sessions

Stream is up, no sound for now…

We are using the FTC electronics parts, the video of it driving around today was all FTC stuff, NXT and all.

New stream today, sound on till we cant stand each other and need to turn music on.

Woodie Flowers has encouraged all FIRST participants to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Challenge Accepted.

Now I challenge all other FTC rapid build teams (any robot in X number of days) to pour a bucket of ice water on one of its members.

5257, 3481, 7649: Your turn.

We put up videos all along with our build. You can watch them and see the process we went through to get to the final bot.

Stay tuned for our full unveil video!

When will that video be up?

(Today I hope. I really want to see how you guys did it)

Sorry I didnt respond here, went up at about 8pm EST today: