[Ri3D] Robot in 3 Days 2014

We are extremely excited to begin this years Robot in 3 Day Challenge after the FRC Kickoff! It’s hard to believe in just over 3.5 days from now we will (most hopefully) have a robot built to play the 2014 FRC Game.

We knew after last year’s build that we needed to make Ri3D bigger and better each year. That’s why when Dr. Joe and Andy Baker reached out to us wanting to collaborate through competition, we just knew we couldn’t turn down the challenge. And now, at the 11th hour, we’ve welcomed a 4th team, Team O-RYON working out of Rice. We hope that the builds continue to grow in this fashion and even plan to open enrollment to compete in the 2015 Ri3D challenge if our 2014 model proves to be successful.

We’ve gotten a lot of feed back and we feel that we are taking steps to improve our show quality. We’ve brought in a production team to produce higher quality video content. We’ve expanded opportunities to engage the community through the Ri3D Network. We’ve expanded our work space to enhance the quality of our builds and we’ve brought in friends and family from around the country to help us along the way. We’re looking forward to what these enhancements bring and to having a lot of fun along the way.

We know that there are many ways teams will utilize our content and that’s why we challenge you to look to our builds as a source of inspiration and not information. We hope that our content inspires you through education and through entertainment. That will mean many things to many teams but if you keep that goal in mind, your team will be successful in utilizing our videos.

With that said we wish you a merry FIRSTmas and can’t wait to see what FRC 2014 brings. The FRC community is what inspires us after all!

Dan Richardson

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A 4th team and potential open enrollment for next year eh?

Super excited for all of this cool stuff that is happening with Ri3D!

Maybe this has been suggested somewhere previously, so I apologize if I am repeating.

Taking 4 RI3D teams + 2 BuildBlitz teams, one could construct a [strike]half-day[/strike] two-hour tournament. Ten qualifying matches, then alliance selection and a double elimination Final. Even if this is not logistically feasible for the participating teams, I think the design competition should be based on this (or a better?) assumption about tournament structure, not just on the Game and Robot rules.

Math quiz: why ten qualifying matches? Apologies again if this one is too easy. :wink:

Because that gives all possible matchups! If you give each team a number (1 through 6) you get…
1,2,3 vs 4,5,6
1,2,4 vs 3,5,6
1,2,5 vs 3,4,6
1,2,6 vs 3,4,5
1,3,4 vs 2,5,6
1,3,5 vs 2,4,6
1,3,6 vs 2,4,5
1,4,5 vs 2,3,6
1,4,6 vs 2,3,5
1,5,6 vs 2,3,4

If I recall, there were talks about a week -6 competition however logistically it would be difficult to get all the robots in the same location along with individuals needing to go back to their respective teams to help for the actual competition.

We had a successful build today! We’ve prototyped our launcher and intake and completed the new kit chassis build, which, by the way is stinking sweet.

All Ri3D teams have uploaded videos to our Robotin3Day YouTube channel.

There is also some amazing content posted up by the various Ri3D Network contributors on the Robotin3Days.com blog.

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More content coming Sunday.

Live streams are now up! We are changing the philosophy slightly. Based upon some feedback we will now be having 4 separate live streams which allow you to watch all your favorite teams via your mobile devices.

Currently the live streams 3 of the streams are on the Robot in 3 Day YouTube page. Here: http://www.youtube.com/user/robotin3days

Team Ri3D 1.0 Stream

Team Boom Done Stream

Team Andy Mark Stream

Team O-RYON Stream

You can also watch all 4 on Robotin3Days.Com

I saw that!

Ri3D Will have a live chat starting at 8pm! We also have a special announcement, so it will be good to tune in!

To contribute questions, you can ask in the live chat on our Google + page or tweet to #ri3d.

Streaming live again!

Due to the inclement weather, Team AndyMark has decided to honor it’s commitment to FIRST and support the community by moving their build team to packing shipments today.

Team Ri3D 1.0 is wiring and testing sub systems. We added a ratchet wrench to our shifter to support holding the shooter down.

Team Boom Done is redesigning their ball intake because of lack of sufficient structural support.

Team ORYON is continuing to work through challenges with their punching style shooter.

Traditions are important, folks. =-]

Awesome design! was the shooter for Ri3d a motor, or something like surgical tubing?