Ri3D Robot Reveal - 2019 Destination: Deep Space

Hey Guys!

Our group put a robot together last weekend and have finally cut the video to show what we were up to:

I will be posting some additional built and talk-through videos in the next few days, but I’m catching up with work and it may take a little while.

Disclaimer: We’re a group of 5 adults and 4 students. We’re doing this for fun. We learn a lot. Hopefully we can share some of those learnings. Feedback welcome!


(There are more pics/media in our twitter feed too: https://twitter.com/quentinweir)


Such safety. Much good practices. I wouldn’t recommend to teams to train their members as Rockets this season…

On the other hand it’s hard enough to build a robot in 3 days, much less a ton of field elements! The robot looks great guys! I’m looking forward to seeing the documentation that follows.

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Yeah… we definitely struggled with our timeline and didn’t end up making any great field elements :-/

For anyone interested, we’ve posted our CAD in a google drive.

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