Ri3D Robot Reveal - 2019 Destination: Deep Space



Hey Guys!

Our group put a robot together last weekend and have finally cut the video to show what we were up to:

I will be posting some additional built and talk-through videos in the next few days, but I’m catching up with work and it may take a little while.

Disclaimer: We’re a group of 5 adults and 4 students. We’re doing this for fun. We learn a lot. Hopefully we can share some of those learnings. Feedback welcome!


(There are more pics/media in our twitter feed too: https://twitter.com/quentinweir)


Such safety. Much good practices. I wouldn’t recommend to teams to train their members as Rockets this season…

On the other hand it’s hard enough to build a robot in 3 days, much less a ton of field elements! The robot looks great guys! I’m looking forward to seeing the documentation that follows.


Yeah… we definitely struggled with our timeline and didn’t end up making any great field elements :-/


For anyone interested, we’ve posted our CAD in a google drive.