Ri3D Robot Reveal - 2020: Infinite Recharge [A2Ri3D]


We built a Ri3D robot for 2020 and wanted to share for anyone interested.

Video on YouTube

If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear. This build was a ton of fun and we’re looking forward to seeing what teams build for the competition.

About us: We’re a team of 5 adults and 2 students this year, and do this for fun and learning.


You can browse more pics on twitter: /quentinweir

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Great looking intake! I really like how you can store more balls than other RI3D designs that have been released. How wide does it fit when in its starting position and will there be a cad release?

Thanks! This was inspired by a lot of designs we saw in the 2012 season :slight_smile:

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at the CAD (and we donated the robot), but I’m pretty sure the hopper is about 23" wide and the intake is about 21" wide. (If that answers your question)

I’ll ping Matt to see if we can do a CAD release. I know we fell off of the CAD at some point, and didn’t update it with some of the modifications, but it would still be helpful!

I meant like when the intake is up during the start of the match how much space does it take up when viewing it so you can see the hubs of the wheels, more of a side view than front and back.

I like this design, especially the intake!
Do you have any pictures of the hopper/indexing system?

Ahh! The whole thing is about 8.5" deep (and ~24" tall) and is pretty much flush with the front of the robot frame perimeter when in the stored position. As it sits above the robot, it doesn’t consume too much usable space, but it does create some hopper-space challenges as the back bottom of it pushes about 5" into the hopper space. We solved this by building part of the hopper onto the intake, but we would want to make a better solution for a competing robot to help make autonomous better.

The hopper is not sophisticated. It’s a basket made from 1/16" polycarbonate sheet that we ahem duct taped in. Balls can freely move around, but it is all ramped towards a slow wheel that feeds into the shooter. The front has a short ramp that allows the bot to intake balls from the feeder station too. If we had the time, we would have also had a simple agitator (probably a continuous servo with a lever arm), to keep balls from jamming. Most of the team were mentors/students during the 2012 season and had a similar open hopper system that was functional. It definitely is possible that an agitator design like that was functional with 3 balls, but wouldn’t be with 5. Things to test!!

That is a sexy intake.

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CAD update if anyone needs it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eTsQxA_mW9O_u_U5ZKJNfcG7mnfAREN3/view?usp=sharing

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