Ri3D Robot Reveal: Week 6 Insanity

We had no problems with balls jamming in the conveyor, there were no issues with the entire sequence when loaded from the intake. If the balls were forced up the conveyor by hand then there was sometimes a jam but we couldn’t recreate it in practice. We had only one jam in the 6 hours that we practiced with the robot on Sunday. Our Betty Crocker mixer did a very good job at keeping the balls spaced apart up the conveyor and into the shooter.

Hello @CooperCash ,

What are the specs of your pneumatic actuator? We were considering a pneumatic climb but thought that we may not find a light enough and reliably lifting pneumatic actuator. Your’s seem to do both. We will be glad if you guys can help us figuring this out.

Thanks a lot!

12" stroke 2" bore cylinder, Double Acting, Rear Pivot Mount Cylinder. They weigh about 4 pounds each and are about $100 dollars each. We used them because we had them not because they are the best option for climbing. With all the resources of elevators and linear lifts now days I recommend going with one of those or something similar if able. Because those 2 cylinders were the only two on the robot, we added a lot of pneumatics weight that could have been avoided with a sinlge motor linear lift or hook climb like everybot.


Were there any issues with balls bouncing out of the hopper (like when changing directions too quickly)?

Not so much driving but sometimes the intake would suck them in so fast it would spit them over the front of our hopper, it could have been solved by changing our intake speed.