Ri3D 'Snow Problem 2019

what the climer going to do?

@qscgy we have a long chassis at 32" x 28"
@roygold our clamps grip the edges of the level 3 platform and flips us onto it.


Here is 'Snow Problem’s 2019 Ri3D CAD model:
CAD Model


Our Technical Walkthrough White Paper is officially up!

See all 2019 'Snow Problem White Papers here.

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Presenting the official 'Snow Problem 2019 Robot Reveal Video showcasing our robot, Koios! Hope you enjoy!


You guys killed it this year! This is certainly a robot that would be in the playoffs at a Minnesota Regional, probably as an alliance captain. I really hope some teams take inspiration from this and realize that scoring high is overrated.


I wonder if that will be a legal level 3 climb. You are touching a surface below that of hab level 3 with your gripper.

The gripper can ungrip after the climb, leaving no part of the robot resting on a surface below the Hab platform. Otherwise yes it would be illegal.

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This is best Level 3 climb idea I’ve seen yet.

Edit: I either read the rules wrong or ignored the potential of grasping the Hab as a viable climbing strategy. Good thing it’s only day 5 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks awesome! I’m glad the robot and documentation turned out well-- I know I’ll be taking a close look through!


I love your robot! I love how you guys designed your climber! I was looking through your manuals and white pages, but couldn’t find listed dimensions and weight (I might’ve skipped over it). I know you’ve already answered the dimensions question above, but a weight estimate would be great to know! Thank you, great job, and good luck in 2019 Deep Space presented by the Boeing Company!

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Awesome climber! I would love to know how heavy the robot is as well as roughly where the center of mass is. We are looking into this design for our robot.

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Good job with the robot–hope to see lots of this style of climber!



How did you all make your whitepapers? They’re very well done.

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@Benbotics did you see their climb mechanism!?!?!

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Not on the team anymore, but white papers are written in Overleaf using the IEEE paper template.


Good looking robot!

We’re considering a similar climb to you guys. We were curious what material you were using to grip the sides of the platform and if you had any data on coefficient of friction against the HDPE surface.

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It was 60A SBR rubber. We found some documentation that suggested that the CoF was around 1.0, and used that for the design.


Based on Q50 in the Q&A, wouldn’t this climb only be awarded level 2 points because it is supported by the sides of the platform?


Although, if you released the cylinders once on top, and there is no longer any side contact, it would be good…

Edit: It also looks like your contacting the front face as well.

That was the intention. We do release the cylinders once up, but didn’t have enough cylinders in stock to do a clamp on both sides.