[Ri3D] ‘Snow Problem presents Prometheus

We’re excited to share our robot for the 2015 Recycle Rush Season, Prometheus! After three days of incredibly hard work by alumni of the FIRST program we feel that we have come up with an amazing starting point for teams. There are a lot of ways you could improve upon our robot design and we’re excited to see what everyone comes up with throughout the build season. At the end of the video we show how you can score 38 points in 2 minutes with “one” robot.

You can view our CAD files on our public GrabCAD Repository.

Here is the direct link to our release video.

Please post here with any questions you have.

Thank you to everyone who supported us this year!
The University of Minnesota
Rev Robotics
FTC 5943
FRC 2175
FRC 2220
FRC 2470
FRC 3081

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I like the robot. Simplicity (that gets the job done) never hurt anyone.

I noticed blue tape over the extra ports on the roboRIO and PDP. Did you find this necessary for a certain reason?

We got a piece of Aluminum in it that shorted a PMW on the Athena (roboRIO) which caused the whole system not to run. Once we found that out we removed it and decided to tape over all the exposed pins to prevent that from happening. We taped over the PDP because metal shavings in there would be bad…

I have a feeling that this will be something commonly seen at competitions, it is fairly easy for a piece of metal to fall into the PWM ports and cause a short. I know I will be encouraging teams I meet with to cover the open ports on their roboRIO.

Great job! Love the old-school compressor… good ballast. :smiley:

Salve, caprae

What gear reduction is being used to lift the the tote-grabber-thing?

14.88:1 on a Sonic Shifter (it is what we had on-hand) but you can buy a toughbox at the same ratio.