Ri3D Team Cockamamie Day 1 Update

We are excited to release our Day 1 update video here!

Thank you to AndyMark for sponsoring us this year.


No offense, as I’m sure you guys are trying your best, but videos like this and half-hazard ideas like this one aren’t really serving the community in the way that Ri3D originally intended. A 50 second video barely describing what you did, and rationale being “because engineering” is really disappointing. I sincerely hope your sponsors and the community get better content out of this.


I’ve already made my opinions on Ri3D known. I would tend to agree with Akash that there could have been more descriptive content in the video. I can also relate because I know it’s still super early, and it’s incredibly hard to put quality content together in a single day! I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with and release to the public once you’ve developed your ideas further, and have some time to break them down for us!


This video appears unavailable. Does anyone have access to it? Also, did Team Cockamamie post any other videos?

I wasn’t involved with the Team Cockamamie build this year, but I’m in touch with the crew. They’re working on a longer video with their hits and misses, which I expect will be out in the next couple days.

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