[Ri3D] Team Indiana 2016

Team Indiana, Powered by AndyMark (and corn), is live for the 2016 Robot in 3 Days season from the AndyMark Warehouse, located in scenic Kokomo, Indiana.

It is currently unseasonably warm but, as per tradition, we’re expecting snow tonight.

Follow our progress here:
Twitter: @ri3dIndiana
Facebook: Ri3D Indiana
LIVE Stream: www.andymark.com/ri3d

We will be doing LIVE Q&A:
Saturday - 7 PM EST
Sunday - 4 PM EST
Monday - 7 PM EST

Feel free to Tweet, chat, or Facebook us questions any time!

We’re excited to be sharing FIRST STRONGHOLD with you.

-Team Indiana

Eastern Time Zone?

Yes, all times are in the Eastern Time Zone.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0HAIFqKT5s pass it around

Yep. We are in the EST.

We’re live for Day 2

Watch us here: andymark.com/ri3d2

Also, tune in to the LIVE Q&A this afternoon at 4 PM EST

You are killing it right now!! Keep up the great work, I’m very excited to see the things that you come up with.

We’re LIVE on day 3!

Check it out: www.andymark.com/ri3d3

Post any questions here, on Twitter, on Facebook or in the chat and be sure to tune in to our LIVE Q & A tonight at 7 EST

-Team Indiana

We’ve updated our YouTube!

Check our our Field Elements tests here

Stay tuned to that folder, soon we’re uploading a video about our shooter and a video of the Rhino Tank Drive damaging 4 defenses (Note: not in a legal configuration)to score a breach in 30 seconds!

For the 30 second breach, are you talking about the 30 seconds that can be found around the 8 hour 15 min mark on the Day 1 video? If so, you do know that it only counts for points one way right? So you’d have to do each of those obstacles again. (Edit: And it wouldn’t count as a breach until you did so) Anyways, thanks so much for your videos and updates! Being able to see both the treads and pneumatic wheels in action is so great!

Yep! and yes, we know. That will be noted in the video, but thanks for letting us know!

We’re glad you’re enjoying the videos.

Any update on when your reveal video will be released?

FIRST Updates Now FB page said that Team Indiana will be releasing 7PM Eastern tonight, so I guess shortly?