[Ri3D] Team o-Ryon

Team o-Ryon is excited to join the Robot in 3 Days network !

Team Bio: http://www.robotin3days.com/team-o-ryon/
Team Reveal Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGr_vaN10lI
Twitter : https://twitter.com/teamOryon

We will post our 72 hour stream on Saturday …
and update our progress on this thread.

If you want us to prototype an idea , feel free to make suggestions !

Really cool group of people you’ve got there. What teams are all the members from?

Also - what kind of in-house fabrication do you guys have access to?

Joshua Bryant is a former 57 member and Deans List finalist. He was an excellent programmer, and I’ve been hearing about many of his exploits at UT. He should bring a lot to the team.

And then take it away when they’re foolish enough to let him drive/operate whatever they build, but thems the breaks.

Most of the people have some association with FRC#2587. Many of them are alumni from the team, Andrew and I were the original mentors.

I moved on to #3847 three years ago, and are teams still have a close relationship. There might be a few guest appearances from #3847 alumni as well.

For fabrication resources we are planning to build this with minimal resources. Standard shop tools (band saw, drill press, etc.) and hand tools. We can get to a lathe and mill but they won’t be at our build sight.

Also several members of this team are running other teams so won’t be around much during the day time. All the night owls can join Andy and I as we burn the midnight oil working with Team O-RYON.

All I know is that I thought Andy looked intimidating on the upper deck and then you cut to Allen.

Great team here. Best of luck to you guys. Looking forward to the robot you guys manufacture and deliver.

Paul - 2587
Harry - 2587
Josh - 57
Mitchell - 2587
Nick - 2587
Xavier (myself) - 2587, 4209
Chris - 180, 2587
Andrew - 2587
Allen - 3847

Like Allen said, we’re mostly made up of DiscoBots alumni but we plan to work with any and all teams in the Houston area.

It was really hard getting everything planned in such a short period of time, and that’s why we were off the radar until a week before! I was in contact with Dan from Ri3D to get this off the ground and at first we thought that we would not have enough time, but I got it done! I’m excited because everything has worked out and can not wait to start, having my friends and teammates help is great as well!

To put all the updates in one place.

Update 1 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVi0pYsDerU
Update 2 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8etADNHiBA

Live Stream: http://www.justin.tv/roll24productions

Feel free to ask us questions on Twitter or CD !

Here is the final Reveal Video:

Vote for this design on Ri3D page.

Soon we will publish specific details of the design, If you have any specific questions. Feel free to ask

I’ll +1 Coach Norm, great job & I can’t wait to see how your ideas evolve over the rest of build season!