Ri3d teams for 2022,

I was wondering if anyone knew which RI3D teams are running for 2022, I was complying a list for my students and could only find three with tons of accounts not updated since last year, does anyone know who is going to be active this upcoming season
The bulldogs on fun (Twitch)
Ri3d the originals https://www.youtube.com/c/robotin3days/featured
FullMoon (Twitch) (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv1jpayMcbWAi-hcte3glNg) ()
ZouKeepers (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9r6Z1iEtPBBP_rBjNmyUtA)"


Andymark had 3 teams listed

At one point I heard…
Zookeepers (Mizzou)
Bulldogs (Kettering)
Arizona State

But we haven’t heard from all of them. 2020 was a high water mark for RI3D, but it seems like #openalliance is WAY bigger this year.


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The University of Michigan is (all forces beyond our control willing) going to have two Ri3D teams this year, one run by members of FAMNM (FIRST Alumni Mentors Network at Michigan, a student organization that assists local teams and volunteers at events) and the other by college mentors from the MEZ (Michigan Engineering Zone, a shared workspace for several Detroit teams).

FAMNM has a YouTube channel here. In past years they did daily recaps.

I’m not sure where or if the MEZ group will be available to watch (its our first year doing Ri3D, although I was a part of the FAMNM team in 2019) but if there is a public stream or video recaps I’ll link them when I know

EDIT: the MEZ team is streaming on Twitch

Thanks I’ll add that to the list


Would you mind sharing the list?

First Alumni and Mentors at IUPUI have been posting updates and videos on this thread.

Does anyone know what gear reduction zookeepers did for they rotating arms for their climber?

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