[Ri3D] The GreenHorns 2018 Reveal

Here it is!!! Our reveal video is live on the Ri3D YouTube Channel.

Here is our comprehensive technical paper that should hopefully answer any questions you have!

I’ll answer any questions about the robot in this thread!

Great job you guys! Thanks for proving that great bots can be built quickly!!

Wow! What an inspiring build, and in three days no less! We have had many similar designs in mind, but your elevator seems to perfect the build. We would greatly appreciate if you would share your CAD files for the elevator to aid in our build. Thanks!

So the GreenHorns have never actually provided CAD resources for any of our builds. This is because it’s our objective to provide inspiration for designs/mechanisms, not necessarily a complete roadmap. I’d be happy to answer any specific questions you have!

Thank you! We just have one question regarding the elevator: How do you power the second stage? It seems like there is a yellow belt which pulls up on the second stage - is there a motor on the first stage which pulls up on the second stage?

Regarding the last post, we are mostly interested in the idea of how the elevator works - the actual CAD file is not necessary for understanding the mechanism.

Thank you for the help and congratulations on a great robot!

Fairly sure it’s a cascading elevator, meaning that the “back” of the strap for the second stage is connected to the top of the base, so moving the first stage up relative to the base also moves the second stage up relative to the first stage. For more info on these types of elevators and how to design one, check out 973’s RAMP videos.

Thanks for the help! Seems like a mechanically naturally way to solve the problem of lifting up that high. We’ll definitely look into it!

This is a great video and report.

Very helpful for many teams.

Awesome 3-day robot…lots of good ideas for teams. We used your intake in SH and it worked very well (most of the time) I like your touch it own it intake philosophy.

Team 4550 saw the Greenhorns RI3D and said “That’s a pretty cool design we think we can make it better”. So over the next few weeks we did. We improved the intake and It’s elevator system. We also improved the lift system so it wouldn’t back drive. Our drive team and this robot did rather well both the Utah and Colorado regionals. We were the 5th alliance team captain in both. In the Colorado regional semis 1 Match 2 this alliance almost beat the number 1 alliance with a final score of 307 to 320. Not to shabby when the opposing alliance included powerhouse teams148 and 1619. So thanks Greenhorns your RI3D design proved itself in competition with some of the best 2018 robots in FIRST.

This is really cool to hear. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I’ve seen a crazy amount of robots that look similar to our Ri3D bot this year. Design convergence being what it is, it’s hard to tell exactly who was inspired by the design, and who came to the conclusion on their own. So I really appreciate hearing stories like this.

It’s still yet to be determined, but this year might be my last year on The GreenHorns… graduating in May. So it was cool to potentially go out on by far the best robot The GreenHorns have built. It’ll be interesting to see how the team does next year…