[Ri3D] The Greenhorns

The GreenHorns are excited to join Ri3D this year! Here is a little background information on our team:

We are primarily made up of college students from Bison Robotics, a club at North Dakota State University. The remaining members of our team are CIS 4607 alumni. Our livestream and video updates will be done by members of 3276 Toolcats.

Most of us are freshmen or sophomores in college and have limited FRC experience. However, all of us are enthusiastic about robotics, FIRST in particular. We aim to give back to the FRC community by providing mass mentorship throughout our endeavor. Also, by engaging in this activity, we hope to grow individually as engineers while having fun in the process.

We would like to thank all of the Ri3D sponsors for making this possible: AndyMark, 221 Robotic Systems, Rev Robotics, Modulus, and Competition Robot Parts. We would also like to thank our personal sponsors: 3276 Toolcats, Liberty Paper, Becker High School, and especially CIS 4607.

You can keep up with us at the following links:

Ri3D Blog




Very cool! Go Bison!

Everybody check out our livestream here!!! :smiley: :cool: :]

Livestream is looking good!


Still working hard if you want to check us out! We feel like we’re ahead of schedule but I’m not sure it’s possible to be ahead of schedule for a robot in 3 days. After you follow the link above click “Live” in the top right corner.

I would love to answer any questions that people have about our robot. Our goal for the robot was simplicity. Excluding the slide drive we only had 1 pneumatic cylinder and one motor on the robot. I’m not sure how much more simple we could have made it.
Here are some of the best videos we have out there:

Robot Reveal

The Elevator

The Claw

Possible improvements

Overall Robot Walkthrough

Slide Drive Demo

Sorry about how awkward we are on video! Robot Reveal on the way shortly!

How well did the drive move side to side when the robot was holding a stack?

There was no difference when it was holding a stack. It went perfectly perpendicular without problem and at the same speed. We even tested it while holding 6 totes and a recycling bin and there still wasn’t an issue.

Very cool. Did you still have drop center?

One question for now, probably more after I look through all your posted designs:

If members are a mixture of Bison and CIS, and “hosted” by ToolCats, where on earth does Greenhorn come from?

Yes and it was incredibly annoying to work with. We decided to keep 6 omni wheels because 4 wouldn’t give us the clearance necessary to get over the bump. Because we had the drop center with strafe when we weren’t moving our robot would balance and wouldn’t be able to move because the drive wheels didn’t have enough traction (our strafe wheel was 3/16" lower than our outside wheels). We solved with by making the front of our Robot ridiculously heavy (battery+ almost all mechanical components). We didn’t think we had enough time to put the center wheel on a pneumatic cylinder which is what I would recommend for teams who are looking to do a slide drive. Don’t do slide with drop center!

The GreenHorns are a team made up primarily of members of Bison Robotics from NDSU. NDSU’s colors are Green and yellow. The mascot is a bison. We are all freshman and sophomores in college. Our thinking was that Greenhorn which basically means rookie fit who we were to a T. Plus it sounded cool.

Ah. That’s a pretty sweet coming together for names!

I originally wanted something way more terrible but when somebody said it we were all like “wow that just happened”.

We are having trouble with our uprights separating and the elevator coming off track. I see that you captured your elevator upright with a set of rollers on each side of the upright. Did you just use a longer shoulder bolt between the 2 brackets? if so, how long?

We actually used the stock bolts that came with the competition robot parts elevator kit. We simply didn’t tighten them down all the way and they worked perfectly. If you are still having trouble with the uprights separating even after adding a second set of wheels on the other side of the upright I would recommend adding some sort of cross structure at the top of the uprights.

Thanks, we were looking at adding a cross brace but I wasn’t sure if it will be enough.