Ri3D ZouKeepers Robot Reveal


Check out our 2019 Ri3D robot here: https://youtu.be/YbbQgPtWX8A

The walkthrough video will be out in a few days.


Cool robot, but all the cut to black screens every few seconds makes the video close to unwatchable.


What really concerns me about your hatch mechanism is the super long strip of Velcro. Won’t this hook to the field and risk tearing carpet?


I think there’s something wrong with the video, it keeps blacking out.


Unsure if technical issue, or “art.”


Excellent achievement for a 3 day project.

I believe that to score a Level 3 climb robot would need to release the sides of the HAB as per Q50 on Q&A


And the fact that the cargo intake slides across the ground on it… Did the team test the cargo intake on carpet?


Would it be possible to have the legal minimum size bumpers on the front of the robot?