Ri3D ZouKeepers Robot Walkthrough


Check out our robot walkthrough to grab a peek at the naughty bits of our bot.



Great job! I really like the dual intake for manipulating hatch and cargo.


Fantastic robot. The cargo intake is superb and the level 2 climb is super simple. Well done.


Great looking robot! I was wondering what the specs on the four bar are. It does look a little close to 4 ft height limit.


The robot is about 1/2" bellow the 4’ starting height limit. When the arms are horizontal and the intake is folded out, the farthest point is about 29" from the 30" limit.


When floor-loading cargo, what keeps the velcro on the bottom of the panel from sticking to the field carpet?




What are your frame dimensions?


Here’s the link to our CAD of the robot.


Is that the fastest the arms will go up or down? Seems slower than a elevator. Would you think is better arms or elevator?


We had very minimal time to tune the PID on the arms. As such, the speed of the arms were limited to 30% power on the talon srx’s. I prefer the 4 bar linkage arm design to an elevator because it is far easier to build. With an elevator, you have to deal with multiple stages and keeping the cable tensioned correctly throughout the entire movement of the elevator.


The width is 27.5" and the depth is 32.5". Given the time to order custom length belts though, we would have made the width wider at 32" and reduced the depth to 28". This would allow the minimum 6" bumpers to be mounted to the front of the robot.


Why is everyone doing these unsupported pneumatic rod climbers? One bad bump into the HAB and there goes the cylinder. Yikes.


For us at least, it was meant to be a proof of concept. I would agree, there needs to be some sort of structure to protect the piston rod from being bent.


Presumably because these robots were built in 3 days