Ribbon cables

so i have been trying to add pwm cables to my robots, but i just cant seem to get it right. i made the connectors, pin groups, pwm library wire, but it isnt quite working. im not sure why there is a massive red slash in the middle and why it is not making all three wires, only two.

Increase the width and see what happens. My guess is that Inventor doesn’t think it can fit three leads onto the ribbon.

Actually, as far as I’m aware, thats the way it works. It only does the two end cables and a swath of a color in between. Frankly, people dont usually need a photorealistic render, so the two round cables on the end and the filler in between do just fine for a program like inventor. In my robot, I did make one instance of a ribbon cable that was 4 cables of different colors… but I really just made two ribbon cables and put them next to each other… so you can’t tell.

So you aren’t doing it wrong, that is simply how inventor does it.