Ridable Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

Item to be discussed:


Make a red and blue alliance then you can have the concept for the 20xx game! Then I can finally just say “yes. The robots fight each other” instead of explaining the game and what FIRST is about…even though the latter us the cooler, more fun option :stuck_out_tongue:

FRC is a triumph in the plausible idea that violence may not be the one and only way to make something enjoyable.

//undecided world remains undecided

Then there is this. Im not sure if its good or bad. hmmm.

Seriously? Robot Wars is NOT cool?



How is this any different than Lunacy in 2009, when robots were bumping into each other and launching orbit balls into their trailers at forces that you probably wouldn’t want head-on without protection?

Seems legit to me. To steal from another sport, let the boys have at it.

Hammacher-Schlemmer’s ridiculously expensive toys are always fun to read about until you see their price.