Ride from Milwaukee to Duluth?

Is there anyone from the Milwaukee area that can give me a ride to Duluth on Wednesday, Feb 25th for the combined regional?

My team is going up in two groups, the robot prep group on Wednesday, and the rest on the team bus on Thursday (arrive around Noon). Unfortunately, they do not have any more room on the Wednesday group. I’m a last minute add when another mentor couldn’t make it.

So, I volunteered to Robot Inspecting in Duluth, and it would be helpful to arrive earlier than Noon. However, the big crunch time for RI’s is Thursday afternoon, and the team bus does get me there in time for that. But, I’d rather arrive earlier to be of more help.

Delta has a $188 fare that gets into DLH at 11:19am that morning, if that’s an option. You’d be down at DECC around noon.

I’d really like Rich to be there earlier than noon Thursday :slight_smile:

Rich- there’s a couple of us that are going up Wednesday late afternoon. I sent you a PM with my contact info.

Ok, I’ll sit around with you guys and eat Bon Bon’s Thursday morning while the teams prep their robots.

With no Practice matches until Noon this year, I’m really Hoping inspectors are a little busier than normal in the morning!

The field crew will take care of the bon-bon eating duties on Thursday morning.

With pits opening at 8:30, my guess is that it will be 9:30 before anyone is ready to be inspected, and 11:00 before things really get going.

I was hoping to start eating bon-bons on Wednesday during field setup.

Jeff Pahl is an LRI at Duluth and is from New Berlin Blitz (5148) team, who is also attending… I recommend contacting him or someone from that team to see if you can catch a ride with one of them.

Edit: Oops, I should read the thread before replying…

Oh man, the announcers are going to have fun with 2220 and 2202 playing on the same field.

It would be even worse if 2022 was at the event as well. :eek:

Well, 2220 will be playing with 2022 at Central Illinois, so confusion by association? Imagine if all three were assigned to the same Championships division…