Right Side Talon Motor controllers won't work together

Hello everyone
When connected with the Y-split wire, one of our right side Talon motor controllers is flashing indicating loss of connection to roboRio. Left side is working fine. We were told that the two Talons on the right side may share the same device ID s in the roboRio.
Any help to solve the problem would be greatly appreciated

I would try a different wire. The PWM pins have a tendency to misalign.

For CAN bus use…
Talon SRX’s cannot share device IDs with each other.
Please read section 3.1 of the talon srx software reference manual…

3.1. Programming API and Device ID…
For the robot to function properly, there CANNOT BE “COMMON ID” Talon SRXs…

By Y-cable do you mean just regular CAN bus chaining?

…or are you trying to use PWM?

Are you using PWM or CAN? Are you using Talon SR or Talon SRX?

Assuming the former in both cases, I’ve seen 2 cases of bad PWM y-cables this year.

If you are using pwm cables switch them. I had the same issue and realized it was a bad connection in the standard pwm cable