Rightsight Photoswitch Photoelectric Sensors

Hello, Matthew and Brandon here from team 3471. We are a 2nd year team and we would like to use the Rightsight Photoswitch Photoelectric Sensors from last year’s KOP. However, due to us being a 2nd year team, NONE of us know how to program these. We have searched everywhere for a guide, tutorial, or even basic code for these senors. They do not have a product ID either, making even the example finder useless. We understand this may be alot to ask for, but could someone please explain (or post a link to) how in the world do we set these up for basic readings/detections (we can do the programing from there). We wish to use them to recognize how many balls we have in queue inside of our turret. They were in last years autonomous VI, however this has helped us to no avail. It should also be noted that our chief mentor on programming refuses to touch the programming for these due to a 12 hour session he had programming these a few years ago. Can anyone just set up a basic framework so we can detect whether or not we have a ball in queue for three of these sensors?

Check out the Part Data Sheets from last year’s KOP website. http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/2011-frc-kit-of-parts


Brown goes to power, a red Wago terminal on the Power Distribution Board protected by a 20 Amp fuse.

Blue goes to power return, the associated black Wago terminal on the PDB.

Black goes to the signal pin of a DIO port on the Digital Sidecar. You can use white instead; white gets pulled low when the sensor detects an object, and black gets pulled low when the sensor does not detect an object.


It’s just a digital input. Open the DIO pin in Begin; read it in Teleop; close it in Finish.

How do you program the digital input in begin and teleop vi.'s?

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