Ring light to a Victor...

So we have a potentiometer to control the brightness of the ring of leds (same one that has been posted here multiple times) so that we can turn the brightness down, but we have found that one brightness isnt always right for everything so we were thinking of having the led ring sweep up and down in brightness using a victor. I dont see a problem with this besides legality… It is too to call our inspector, so I figured I would ask here.

Is it legal to wire a ring light to a victor motor controller?

But then if you change the brightness you will have to change the rgb values or whatever values you are using to the new colors that it sees with the different brightness…

We are changing the intensity so the camera does not automatically adjust it’s levels from being too close.

Yes, that is legal. There is nothing in the rules about what you can attach to the output of a speed controller, only what MUST be attached to a speed controller.

You can set a static exposure in the camera settings.

Agreed. Log into the axis camera and there’s an “advanced” link on the left hand side under something like “imaging”. You can hold the current exposure and white balance. One thing to try is darkening the whole image by shining a light into the camera and then holding the exposure. Everything will then be darker, but your ringlight will not be over exposed. Also your colors will remain constant.

  • Bryce

P.S. check out the vision white paper floating around somewhere.