Rings-n-Things video

I’m working on a history project, and I can’t find any video - match, reveal, or otherwise - from the 2012-13 VEX IQ game Rings N Things. Does anybody know where I could look?

This was a closed beta game that was not released publicly.

The only thing I could fine was these pictures of the 2013 VEXiq event.

yeah that’s all I could find too.
Thanks for the insight!

Time for a blast from the past - there is some archival footage on the VEX YouTube channel from that year :slight_smile:

Grant - you da man.
It’s cool to see the diversity in robot designs for that game.

It’s funny that you bring that up. With Rings-N-Things being a closed beta and only having a couple of events prior to VEX Worlds, almost all teams were operating without seeing what other teams were designing. As such we saw a lot more creative designs and a huge amount of design diversity.

Was the metal center section from VEX Elevation or a custom unit for the game?

A custom unit. The only parts that were reused from a past game were the rings which were initially used in VRC Round Up.