Rio de Janeiro Off Season - Anouncement

Hey everyone!

Today I proudly announce that the Brazilian Offseason we’re working so hard on is going to open doors for the international community!

We, from Under Control #1156 have been preparing this event alongside our Brazilian FIRST operator, SESI, since 2020, but it didn’t happen earlier due to the pandemic, so our 30 brazilian teams are waiting so long for this moment.

We’ll have a full game field and the whole official Field Management System (FMS). It’s scheduled to happen between 5th and 7th of August, in Rio de Janeiro, at the Pier Mauá, a beautiful venue by the sea from there. There are several great hotels and restaurants from walking distance and 15min by car from Santos Dumont Airport. It is right next to the Museum of Tomorrow and Rio`s Historical city center.

It’ll be the biggest FRC event in our country in more than 10 years, so it is a wonderful opportunity to connect, help, assist and mentor new teams. We would love to see your team here with us, so if you consider participating, send me a dm here or at my email:


Very cool to see Brazil making a comeback! I have not been paying much attention since the Brazil regional went away, but nice to see new teams.

Do you know if 383 has any plans for coming back? They were always one of my favorites.


We have been working hard to establish FIRST here for the past few years, that meant we started with FLL (we have about 700 teams today), then we worked on establishing FTC (we just had our national event with 44 teams from all around Brazil).

This movement created the comunity, volunteer base and recognition from the local industries and goverment that we needed to be confortable on bringing FRC back to Brazil on a sustainable way! Encouraging SESI to fund 15 new rookie teams!

Do you know if 383 has any plans for coming back? They were always one of my favorites.

We have not received any news from them this year unfortunetely :confused: , i know the pandemic has been very dificult for them and all other FRC teams. But i will let you know whenever i hear from them again.