Rio de Janeiro Off Season - LIVE

Hello CD Community!

Reminder that this weekend (6 and 7 of august) we will be running the FIRST FRC Off Season with a full field, FMS, and 28 Brazillian teams. The event has a professional camera crew, transmission and commentators for your enjoyment!

The whole event will be live at:ótica

Thanks to everyone that made this possible! Shout out to @Mark_McLeod , @Andy_Baker , Mary Baker, Terrel Burch and Allen Bancroft for volunteering as our FTA, LRI, Head Ref and Judge Advisor!


Whoa – impressive to get a full FMS down all the way to Brazil!


We are live!


Is the goal to have an actual regional event this coming year?

Yes, that’s the goal.
Still a lot that has to be organized to make an official season event happen, but there is an enormous amount of talent here.

Oooooo I missed this, how did the event go? Was it a ton of fun for the kids? Are there any cool photos from the event? :slight_smile:

The event was a blast. It was incredible to see old and new friends together after many years without a full sized event. Kids had a lot of fun, many of them competed for the first time and are excited to do it again. Thank you Alex and Ayse for all advice and support.

There are photos from the event, they are mixed with the FLL International Open (that counted with teams from 38 countries).
Day 2: 2º Dia - Festival Internacional SESI de Robótica | Flickr
Day 3: 3º Dia - Festival Internacional SESI de Robótica | Flickr



You guys have the same trams we have in İstanbul! Except we have the overhead power version of the Alstom Citadis trams. I love those trams, not so much riding them though as they’re stuffed past capacity here, they are gorgeous vehicles though :slight_smile: (Sorry, transit nerd). I rode one today actually to get to Ayse’s. (this photo is not from today)

The photos look gorgeous, it looks like it was an amazing event! Congratulations on putting that all together! Your field looks absolutely stunning, and the robots look pretty cool too Ayşe and I are slightly jealous of how cool you made the field look :slight_smile: And I love the integration with FLL :slight_smile:

We look forward to seeing pictures from regionals hopefully some time not too far in the future! And any time if you have any questions we’re all ears :slight_smile: :heart:


Awesome photo! We rode the tram all days going to the event, was very useful. Not having the overhead power make it very clean. I wish my city had it too haha.

Thank you, Alex! Wish to see some Turkish teams when we got our regional! :star_struck:

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I just have a thing to say, the event was life changing for me, it showed me a new way of doing things and I really want to take this new things that I learnt to Mexico. Together we have a lot to do, we are the biggest communities in LATAM in the FRC competition and I know this event will mark a new age in the FRC Brazilian Community

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