RioLog Not Receiving NetConsole Output

My team has a problem with the Riolog. This problem resurfaces every single year and I really don’t understand why.

We run java on our robot and we flashed our RoboRio, Talon SRXs, and radio with the latest flash/firmware at both the 2.4 and 5Ghz settings. All comms between the driverstation and robot work fine and code runs perfectly with no interruptions. The console on the driverstation shows the NetConsole output but none of the riologs in eclipse show anything. This problem shows up regardless of whether we are using macs, windows, or linux. Deploying through wifi is not a problem either for each os.

Any help would be appreciated. This problem frustrates my team every single year.

Just ssh in and do

tail -f /home/lvuser/FRC_UserProgram.log

How do I ssh in? Do I connect through ethernet and log in through my terminal?

putty is an ssh client for windows. It doesn’t matter if it’s ethernet or wifi

I just read on the FRC website that the new firmware doesn’t allow us to gain ssh access. We can only use the Radio Configuration Utility to modify it.

Any other suggestions?

Are you sure you are talking about SSH access to the roboRIO? The new radio firmware doesn’t allow us to modify the radio firmware because of FCC rules but the roboRIO should have no such issues and modifying anything on the RoboRIO with the Radio Configuration Utility sounds like a bad idea.

My apologies. the advice was “ssh in and run” and I assumed we should ssh in into the radio. I’ll try to run that same command on the roborio today and see how it works out.

Ok so tail just prints out the netconsole output in the ssh prompt but it still doesn’t solve the problem of the netconsole output not coming to the riolog on each individual laptop.

So you have a log. Do you really need it in Eclipse, or does having a log in some format solve your problem?

Yep we can see netconsole output on the driverstation console. It’s just really annoying that the Riolog doesn’t work. Plus, riolog not working tells me that something is wrong, regardless of whether or not it is affecting my team right now.

Riolog never works. It doesn’t mean there’s a problem. If you can see log output in Driver Station or through SSH then your robot program is working correctly.

FYI, I’ve added SSH Tailing of the log files to (version 0.4 of) my FRC plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. It will in essence give you the same output as the Net Console.

Here’s an example screenshot:

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