RIOLog not showing in Views Tab

The RIOLog output box is not opening in Eclipse. About a week ago the RIOLog disappeared, and we were unable to find it in the other views tab. Java 8 is installed as well as the latest FRC Java plugins. So far we have re-installed Eclipse and the Java plugins, any help would be appreciated.

Make sure you ONLY have Java 8 installed, else Eclipse could still be running off Java 7.

Do you have any more info about what you did before it “disappeared”? Had you recently updated it and the update deleted it, or did you restart and it was gone? Or was it just you opened up the computer and couldn’t find it?

EDIT: Just making sure, you did check under general again to see if it would pop up correct? I would check again to make sure it doesn’t just close it when you installed the update. To find it go to


Java 7 is not installed and the RIOLog does not show up under the general tab.

Try this: Go to Help->Installation Details. copy it all to the clipboard and past into notepad so you can search for “java”. See if its using java 8 by looking for the correct path to your java installation. Mine has

C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_25\bin\server\jvm.dll

You can also add those two lines to eclipse.ini to ensure its using the correct java.

On my personal system, I found java at C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath it was put there on 1/2/2015 (the day before kickoff) so it must have gotten there from installing FRC software. Check to see if you have it.

Is this on windows? If so, from a command prompt type “java -version”. See if you get the version you expect. If something different look at PATH to see where its finding it.

We fixed the problem, it turns out Java 7 was still installed we just couldn’t find it. We uninstalled it and re-installed eclipse :slight_smile: