RIP Banebot RS550

Today I went to order a couple RS550 motor and banebots was out of stock. I called and found that they are no longer carrying the motor. I was told that Robot Shop would begin carrying the motor, but when I contacted them, I was told that is not the case and they are only considering carrying the rs555. There are a number of clones/similar motors out there, but for now it looks like we are out of luck for an original banebots rs550.

Wow, this is pretty surprising considering it was the only FRC legal motor they sold that was compatible with an entire line of their gearboxes. I wonder if the unlimited quantities of non-CIM motors rule played a role in this. I bet they noticed a dip in sales when people could buy all the 550 style motors they wanted from AndyMark. (I have also heard people say they like the AM-9015 better than the BB-rs550)

I don’t have much experience with Andymark motors, but I know my team’s first choice for planetaries was the rs550. It sounds like Robot Shop and other places are pushing the rs555, which is an inferior motor in my opinion. It will be missed.
According to banebots, the motor was cut from their product line because it was one of the few products they were selling that was not produced in house.

That’s unfortunate. We really liked their power to size and weight ratio. However, this year, we noticed they did not perform anywhere near their rated power. I’ve never tried the AM-9015. Is it a suitable replacement. I sure have a ton of those sitting around.

I hope Banebots continues to sell the RS775-18V. Those are great motors.

That’s a shame. The 85A stall current will be missed, although I guess the thermal mass is going to be the same as the RS-540 and such, so it’s not a huge loss.

This is interesting, We haven’t used them in a few years since the BAG motor and 775s are normally better options. Hopefully they aren’t getting rid of the 775-18 that will be hard to replace. I love BAGs but the increase in cost often isn’t worth it.

It all depends on your use case. They are different motors intended for different uses. I’ll grant the 555 isn’t nearly as appealing for FRC use, but it’s very nice for smaller robots in my experience.

I’m not too disturbed about this - I wasn’t a big fan of the 550, especially with unlimited 775’s this year.

The 550 is just an easier to destroy version of the 775 that spins way too quickly.

I’m more surprised you actually got a hold of someone at BB. Called/Emailed multiple times during build season regarding their wheels and they never bothered to call/write back…

That’s their customer service.

I’d wager a good sum that NONE of their motors are produced in house, let alone in the US.

Same. As I recall from markings on motors, they were Mabuchi.

I’m pretty sure they were knockoff (lower quality) mabuchis.

Not good!! We stocked up on a lot of their gearboxes!

They’re still selling the gearboxes, it just sounds like the rs550 has been discontinued due to them not making it in-house.

I doubt they made the motor in house… it’s most likely a motor bought from a misc Chinese vendor.

Possibly. My thoughts are 100% based on the picture of the motor on FIRST Choice. I don’t have one handy. However, it’s based on the assumption that 1) it’s a picture of the actual motor, and 2) Banebots isn’t buying knockoff parts that are marked the same way.

There doesn’t seem to be any machubi specific markings. The RS-550 motor is very common in battery powered tools and is made by tons of manufacturers. I wouldn’t call RS-550’s made by other manufactures “knock offs”.


Not a big loss. It’s not as if there aren’t other 500 series options. I prefer the AM-9015 to the BB550.