RIP Forum Mafia

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Was there any attempt to communicate with the users of the Games area about the decision to end high activity threads?!

I’m positive that there are multiple users (myself included) who would be willing, able, and eager to moderate the Games area, in particular for the sake of continuing Forum Mafia games. Most of the users joining these games (myself included, go 1678!) are still former or current FRC members. We may or may not respond to other threads, but that’s also true of other former or current FRC members who do not participate in the Games area. The arguments that there aren’t moderators who can focus time on it and that it takes up moderator time to a problematic degree, therefore, come into question.

As for the point of usage site resources, there’s a few outlooks.

First, if the site is otherwise significantly busier (which I believe it is), then the resource investment is low, and in neutering the section thusly, you just leave a bad taste in the mouth of some of your users, to very little reward.

Second, if the site is not at all busy outside of the game section, then I start to wonder truly how well this site represents anyone’s interests as FRC participants. However, I doubt that this is the case given that I can see how active the site appears to be, and I know a decent number of FRC participants, current and former, who consider it one of the more major locations for FRC-related discussion.

Last but not least, if the site is somewhat busy outside of the games section but quiet enough that the game section is most of the activity… Again, I doubt this, but if this is the case, then everything still comes back to the same point:

Why are the admins taking unilateral action without discussing it with the people most affected? If someone is an FRC member on this site, do their cares and opinions matter less if they have a hobby outside of FRC? Why? What’s next?


I’m glad to see the end of the mafia threads they were the old version of fantasy first clogging up the threads.aybe u can find an alternate site to play on and use Delphi as a way to recruit for an alternate site.


You know there is ways to mute topics/categories that you did not want to see correct?

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