RIP in Peace Dozer

2003 - 2015
Beloved game animation and treasured friend to the FIRST community.
Born in a stacking game, died in a stacking game.
Rest in peace, little guy.


RIP in pepperonis.

He was missed this year!!!

First thought at Kickoff: Where’s the bulldozer?

This little guy was one of my biggest concerns during the animation. You’re missed, Plowie. FIRST isn’t the same without ya.

I think he has retired to Key West.

RIP dozer!:frowning:

Roses are red,
dozers are blue.
RIP buddy
we’ll miss you.

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One year where dozer had the best advantage he was retired.

From Reddit:

Dave Lavery, our head mentor, apparently usually does the game animations. He has been trying to get out of it for a while now, and I’m assuming the lack of his signature robots mean he didn’t do it this year. I haven’t actually heard from him about it, so I’m not positive.

Dozer’s value takes a big hit when you look at where the totes are to start the match. Other than the auto totes, there aren’t any good opportunities to get behind a tote to push it into scoring position.

The inability to play robot to robot defense also significantly hurts its value.

He was a real hero. He was a true…patriot.




It looks like he could be useful in cleaning up “litter” thrown by other teams.

Rest in peace in peace? :stuck_out_tongue:

little known fact: RIP actually stands for “RIP In Peace” (Which in turn stands for “RIP In Peace In Peace”)

This is just the first iteration of the recursive acronym.

I made the classic “Oh-oh” noise when this year’s robot crumbled in the animation.
Didn’t someone build him in real life?

I don’t like the realisticness of the animation. I’m can deal with Dave not wanting to do it anymore, I can survive without the iconic dozer bot or bubbler bot, but I don’t think an animation to describe the game should be so realistic. I enjoyed suspending belief when looking at the crazy impossible robots that helped show games in the past.

The quintessential unsung FIRST hero.


Part of the nice thing about those ridiculous robots is that they showed practically impossible ways to play the game (aside from maybe dozer), eliminating idea suggestions. I’n not remotely against helping teams, but I think it presented slightly more of a challenge that there were no realistic suggestions as to how to actually do anything on the field.

It was 3572.