RIP in Peace Dozer

My first thought was to connect these to our robot in memory of him. Others are welcome to do the same in an attempt to bring him back :wink:

You’re right, I just missed Dozer and the other whimsical robots because they were cute, familiar, and made me feel warm and fuzzy inside, but this animation was definitely more confusing. However, that might also be a function of the game being more confusing with all the scoring options, and things to do.

this is going to happen. Dozer will live on!

I miss Dave’s doughy people.

When the drivers first appeared in the game animation this year, I initially thought they were large Lego Mini-Figs :smiley:

You will be missed Dozer…

Yeah, I was sad when I saw the animation wasn’t done the same as it has been for a long time. I was quite fond of those animations, and Dave, if appreciation was at all lacking for those animations, here you go! They will be missed along with the beloved Dozer!

I do hope he comes back next year. But he’d be perfect for totes–he pushes and has no bumpers!

Even if Dave doesn’t want to do it any more, I feel the models and style should be passed on to an apprentice. It simply doesn’t feel like FRC without that animation.

I think the disappearance of Dozer is related to the fact that people refuse to call him by his real name.

It’s probably more related to the animation not being done by Dave Lavery.

The FRC game animation will never be the same without Dozer and his crew.

Dave Lavery’s style and creativity will always be the standard by which future game animations will be judged.


Check who said the quote under him.

I actually tend to use them interchangably, since I see both used commonly.

Which would be incorrect. As stated by Dozer’s creator:

There’s this fella named LeBron. Sometimes people call him Kobe. Both names refer to professional basketball players, so they’re interchangeable, right?

Ooh, thanks! This is what I get for working full time instead of reading CD full time. Haha.

I wouldnt know, since I don’t pay much attention to sports. I’m gonna assume you are referring to different people and answer no, they are not interchangeable. Point taken.

In full respect of Dave Lavery’s very missed animation creation, and after careful consideration and much feeling of embarrasement, and now fully corrected on Dozer’s proper “namen-clature”, & after having previously posted in another thread here recently. “The 2015 FRC Dream” of the 10 Tethered “Plowies” (all Grey Tote pusher bots and Litter Collectors & movers), all exiting from their main bot on the field in the Landfill Zone & all stored in their Lexan Mini “Plowie” Display case off the field)…I will now go find the thread & post, and ammend and change all “Mini-Plowies” listed, to the proper name of “Mini-Dozer’s”, wherever it be found.

“Dozer” will not be missed in the 2015 FRC Edition of “Recycle RUSH”, as there will be an actual army of “Mini-Dozer’s”…Dozer’s many children, so to speak.

(Though, how that all happened biologically without a proper robo mate,…I will of course, leave that explanation to some of your High School Biology Teachers’ to even begin, to attempt to explain later).

That army of 10 Mini Dozer’s will be feeding, feeding, feeding, and feeding more, our very trusted & merciless fellow Alliance Stackers from all directions possible.

Long Live DLavery’s Dozer!:yikes:

As a FIRSTer, I always enjoyed the old game animations. But ever try to show it to someone who isn’t part of FIRST? I tried last year and people thought it strange and stupid, and I had to explain that the robots look impractical to not give away any ideas. This years game animation, being much more realistic, was treated much better by the muggles. In the end the animation isn’t supposed to be for us, the manual is.

With all that said, I will always have a special place in my heart for Dozer. sniff