RIP Marc Braun Team 3176

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I am posting this.

Yesterday a family member of Team 3176, Purple Precision, is no longer with us.

Marc Braun was the founding teacher of the team 3 years ago. But for everyone that knew him, he was so much more than a teacher or a mentor, he was a friend and a part of the family. Always striving to have fun and enjoy ever second with the team, Braun always knew how to make the best out of every situation. From the long nights spent bickering about the robot, to the offseason time where we spent time as a team and had fun, Braun was always there. But the most important thing is that Braun cared about everyone that he met. Braun loved this program and will forever be remembered as part of the FIRST family, a mentor, and a friend. It is necessary, however, to move forward with all due respect in remembrance for Marc.

As more details of arrangements are known, we will keep this thread updated.

We ask everyone to keep Marc and his family in your prayers.

Chris Noble

Marc was a great teacher. Very passionate about FIRST, and all technology education. He will be missed by the local FIRST community and everyone that knew him.

My heartfelt condolences to Team 3176, and all of Marc’s family and friends.

I first met Marc at a PLTW summer training institute as a fellow teacher-trainee in 2005. A few years later, he was my mentor teacher for Aerospace Engineering. He remembered me from the first encounter, we chummed around, and in passing, he mentioned he’d heard of this FIRST Robotics thing, how could he get involved?

A few phone calls and eight months later, 3176 were the Boilermaker Rookie All-Stars. Purple Precision then helped 3487 the next year - the EarthQuakers were BMR RAS. This year he was instrumental in the formation of 4008; we’ll see what happens there.

I think that’s all you need to know about his ability to lead, inspire, and instill passion.

He will be cherished and missed by his family, friends, and teammates.

Any information would be much appriciated… How he died, arrangements, contacts, anything…

graduated with him, would like to know more…

Team 1501 sends it’s condolences.
Rest in Peace Marc Braun. You will be missed.

Chris and all of Team 3176, so sorry for your loss. You will be in our prayers.

Please pass along our heartfelt sympathy to his family and friends. Marc was a special person.

68 passes their condolences.
Rest in Peace Marc Braun, FIRST lost a great part of it today.

This is so sad and shocking. May peace, somehow, be with all of Marc’s family and friends.

Andy B.

Marysville 3484 sends there condolences, we are sorry for your loss.

Marc always had a huge hug and “Hey Kid” for me. His smile, so contagious, would light up a room, but his belly laugh and giggle were the best. He loved FIRST. He talked about it with anyone who would listen, constantly trying to recruit new people. He truly “got it”. Last summer, around a campfire surrounded by geeky people, face flushed and grinnin like mad, he made this brilliant speech about why FIRST is so amazing. His main point: how brilliant the students are, how much fun it is to work with them, how much they inspire him. He loved you guys so much. He loved you, Chris, and he loved every single student from 3176. He loved meeting other geeky people and making new friends. We lost an amazing person this weekend. Words can not even come close to describing the loss that so many people are feeling right now.

Please, tell your loved ones how you feel. Take care of each other. And if you’re struggling with depression, reach out to someone, a friend, a mentor. We’re here for you.

Braunski, you jerk. Love you. Miss you.

My condolences to the family, the team, and his community. He sounds like a great mentor and a fantastic friend.